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We think in terms of efficiency, and therefore think that customer should get the best product on the market for the money. We make sure our service for our customers is our top priority. Our reputation rests on a solid foundation of satisfied clients. Cutting corners is not an option at Bentley Homes. We have a network of dedicated subcontractors who are always on call and stand behind their work.

Bentley Homes will build anywhere in the Greater Louisville and surrounding areas. We have projects in Lake Forest, Hillside Terrace, and Bristol Woods. We also have a division building commercial and multifamily structures. Our apartment project adjacent to Westport Village off of Herr Lane, is currently being certified as Green Built through the “National Standards of Green Building”

Bentley Homes are built to last. We use a 30 year dimensional shingle, proper roof sheathing, energy star rated insulation packages, energy star rated HVAC systems, Low E windows, and building techniques for a tight sound home.

Bentley Construction provides all homeowners with a 1-year warranty. This warranty reflects the pride and confidence we have in our work and protects your investment for the future.

If you’re choosing to buy a new home or to build a custom home, there’s no better choice than to put your trust in the staff at Bentley Homes. From the very first meeting, through the home design process, and until the finishing touches are complete, we will work hard to keep you comfortable and informed. We guarantee your Bentley Home will exceed your expectations.

Bentley Homes holds a strong commitment to their past and present clients.

Custom Built

Your Satisfaction

Building a new home can be stressful. At Bentley Homes, we strive to create an atmosphere of comfort and ease throughout the entire home design and construction process. We work closely with our trusted professional contractors to achieve a high quality home.

If you’re looking for a finished home, a lot to build on, or a floor plan for your own property, Bentley Homes can help. We’ll work closely with you to make sure we meet your needs and get you in the home that’s right for you.

If you’re interested in buying a new home, but don’t have the time to wait for a home to be built, Bentley Homes has several plans already built. We’d be happy to show you through some of our current homes.

The Lot

Building with Bentley Homes comes with the benefit of being able to choose from many great lots throughout several wonderful neighborhoods within the Greater Louisville area. Our large selection of lots available offer a diverse array of uniqueness and beauty. Call us today and we’ll talk about finding the right lot for your new home. Already have a lot in mind? Bentley Homes has professional builders who will make sure your home gets built right, and in the right amount of time.

The Floorplan

Here at Bentley Homes, we have an inventory of past successful home plans for you to get ideas from. We staff two designers who can help you customize these plans or start a plan from scratch, and help you visualize the homes of your dreams. Do you already have a floorplan? We can take a look at it and make sure you’ll get the best home for your dollar.

Temporary Stay

Will you need a place to stay during the construction of your new home? At Bentley Homes, we understand this and therefore maintain a select group of rental properties. They will provide a temporary comfort while we help build your dreams.

If you want to understand how much house you can afford, or want to find payment information, check out our mortgage calculator to the left to get more information. Additionally, feel free to get in touch with our preffered Brokers who can guide you through the process of obtaining a loan.

Our top priority at Bentley Homes is your satisfaction. We’ll work hard to exceed your expectations of the home-building process, and ultimately what your dream home can be. When looking to build a new home, there’s no better choice than a Bentley Home.

The Clean Environment Home

Energy Efficiency

We use the latest technology proven to make homes not only more energy efficient, but also healthier places to live. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the materials you choose to build your home will have an effect on the quality of the home, as well as the quality of the indoor air. All materials we use meet high indoor air quality standards.

We also choose the best insulation for each of our homes. The insulation we use provides a high thermal r-value in addition to providing a tight seal that allows no unwanted outdoor air penetration. Many materials we use are also made from recycled product, meaning that it is good for the environment, too. If it’s not enough to feel good knowing that you’ve done the right thing, you can rest assured that the decisions you’ve made will save you a great deal of money on your energy costs.

Because the window and door openings on a home are the primary place of heat loss/air infiltration, we use the best products on the market. Double-paned, low-e argon-filled window and door panels with uv protection are used in all of our homes.

Above all, a primary factor in homes energy-efficiency is the construction methods used in building the home. It is our top priority to maintain an on-site presence that will allow us to catch all of the small inefficiencies that ultimately add up to big losses. This allows us to build the absolute best quality home. All of our homes are tested by EnergyStar to verify these energy-savings strategies.

We strive to provide the best building materials at the lowest costs because we want to do good for the environment, and we want to build healthy homes for our customers. Feel free to explore some of our past projects and understand how we can make your home energy efficient.

Green is Gold

  • Walk-In Closets
  • Energy Efficient Appliances
  • Overall Energy Efficient Homes
  • Linen Closets
  • Large Kitchen
  • High Efficiency Insulation
  • High Window Efficiency
  • Kitchen Island
  • Large Windows
  • Ceiling Fans