12103 River Beauty Loop

Situated in the vibrant Norton Commons neighborhood, this elegant building offers ground-level commercial spaces with expansive windows and modern residential living on the second floor, complete with inviting balconies. Perfect for businesses and residents seeking a dynamic community environment.

The Outcome

Located in the vibrant Norton Commons neighborhood, this striking mixed-use building features an elegant design that seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary architectural elements. The ground level is dedicated to commercial spaces, characterized by expansive windows that allow for ample natural light and excellent visibility, making it ideal for retail shops, cafes, or professional offices.

The second level is designed for modern residential living, offering spacious and sophisticated units. These living spaces include access to inviting balconies, providing residents with outdoor areas to relax and enjoy the dynamic neighborhood atmosphere.

The building’s exterior showcases a beautiful brick facade complemented by pristine white trim, contributing to its timeless aesthetic appeal. The well-maintained surroundings, including landscaped areas and paved sidewalks, ensure a welcoming environment for both visitors and residents.

With its prime location in Norton Commons, known for its lively community and bustling commercial activities, this building is perfect for businesses and residents looking for a vibrant and supportive environment.